Victim Ordered To Pay Rapists Bills

Today, a disturbing case where a victim of multiple rapes was ordered by a judge to pay her rapist’s bills was revealed by @YahooNewsUK. Society must send a clear message to judges that rape victims should never be ordered to financially subsidise their rapists. Rather than protecting the victim, the court is abusing them all over again – and allowing the abuser’s financial control to continue.

This case was in the family court, where abusers, rapists, paedophiles, and murderers can apply for child contact. Most people agree that a rapist should forfeit any rights to parental responsibility when they rape their child’s mother. Instead, the courts tell the child that they must “forgive” their rapist father and have a relationship with them, damaging their mental health. Perversely, the victims are the only ones getting a sentence in this family court crime scene.

For a mother forced into co-parenting with a father capable of harm such as violence, abuse and rape, this is the beginning of a genuinely dystopian nightmare. Victims cannot recover from deeply traumatic experiences whilst being exposed to the source of the trauma. Abusive patterns are not cured at separation, and they continue for years after the relationship has ended. Abusive partners ARE abusive parents.

The family court ordered a rape victim to help her rapist pay his contact centre costs to add insult to serious injury. Around 99% of rapists walk free. Victims are sentenced to decades of re-traumatisation through co-parenting arrangements. As if this isn’t bad enough, the state may order you to pay your rapists bills. Change is long overdue. #MothersRights #thecourtsaid

Read the @YahooNewsUK article here:

Published by Natalie Page

Founder of #thecourtsaid - the global movement for survivor family justice. Author & Tutor of the 5* rated Court Confidence course, specifically written for survivors in Family Court to help protect their position, in a notoriously difficult system (England & Wales).

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