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Here’s some simple ways you can support survivors. Good news is, you can do it from your sofa. Get involved in just a few clicks!

1. Sign the petition

Click the button to sign the petition for survivor family justice here (opens in new window)

2. Click to tweet – #AskRobert for Recourse

Click here to tweet the Secretary of State and let’s #AskRobert for justice. Feel free to #AskRobert about family court in general or click to tweet this:

#AskRobert @RobertBuckland How long must children be ordered to live with domestic abuse? Unsafe family court decisions need to be put right! Survivor families need justice.

3. Email your MP

Emailing your MP is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Download our letter (or write your own!)

2. Click the button below, enter your postcode to find your MP

3. Attach your downloaded letter and send!

Thank you for your support!

We rely on your donations to continue our work, helping those affected by domestic abuse access justice and protect their survivor families.

Click here to support the campaign.

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