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As seen on Channel 4 Dispatches

On Tuesday 20th July 2021 Channel 4 Dispatches aired the shocking film ‘Torn Apart: Family Courts Uncovered’. Dispatches conducted an investigation into the culture and practices within the secret family court. It uncovered never-before-seen footage of brutal ‘enforced removals’ of children. The children lived in safe homes, but were subjected to a violent psychological strategy in family court, leading to their distressing removal.

Channel 4 Dispatches sent the UK’s forty-six police forces a Freedom of Information Request and only two responded. They indicated that they had dealt with 24 enforced removals in the last five years, but indicated there could be more.

297 legal professionals were surveyed during the Dispatches investigation, who said they had witnessed 42 such enforced removals in the last 5 years.

Read the Channel 4 News press release here

Anecdotally we know that enforced removals are on the rise – but nobody knows exactly how often this happens. Enforced removals are on the rise, because the misuse of parental alienation is also rising, particularly in abuse cases. Enforced removal of a child is recommended by unregulated, unaffiliated and sometimes even unqualified parental alienation expert witnesses.

The government needs to investigate the frequency and basis for enforced removals in private law family proceedings. Children should not be forced into unsafe contact. This brutal practice must stop.

How you can help

The government must ban the use of enforced removals in private law proceedings. We urge you to write to your MP using the template below.

Simply download the letter to your device and attach it to an email to your MP.

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