Why Recourse?

Many thousands of families have unsafe contact orders in place as a result of the Family Court Domestic Abuse crisis, and many more will, before reform is achieved.

The government needs to launch an immediate case review and a mechanism for redress for victims affected by the crisis. Thousands of children have been removed unlawfully from victims of Domestic Abuse with no prospect of reversing the situation. Many thousands more are living in fear with unsafe Contact Orders impacting families dealing with a Domestic Abuser. Without recourse, this will continue. 

Families that have been affected by the crisis in Family Court urgently need their cases to be heard by an independent case review. We seek a reversal of unsafe decisions, and children reunited with their safe parent where they have been wrongfully removed.

The Review

In 2019, a Judicial Review commenced, looking at the harms Survivor Families experience in the Family Court in England & Wales. You can read the full, damning report here

The Problem

The harms suffered by Survivor Families in the system are traumatic, and many. This continues in the UK, despite the governments promises of reform. Globally, this is the ‘other pandemic’. Read more about the problem here.

Read our House of Lords Briefing here:

Legal Redress

You can sign the petition for recourse here

Read our open letter to the Government calling for reversal of unsafe Court orders here

How you can help

There are a few ways you can help Survivor Families get access to the justice they need.

Sign the petition for Survivor Family Justice

If you’re in England & Wales, write to your MP here, tell them why we need recourse. Simply put your postcode in the envelope below, and go straight to their inbox!

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Contact Your Politician

Support the Campaign for Survivor Family Justice Today

Click here to help end injustice for Survivor Families

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