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#thecourtsaid is the global campaign for Survivor Family Justice. Domestic Abuse survivors are subjected to institutional discrimination and injustice all over the world. #thecourtsaid is committed to changing the way Domestic Abuse is treated in the Family Court, so Survivor Families can look forward to safer futures.

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Parental Alienation Discredited as Unscientific ‘Nazi Theory’

Spain and Italy heard how judicial and social work interpretation of legislation were clouded by prejudices and stereotypes. This poor understanding has led to an explosion in the use of misogynistic narratives like parental alienation; otherwise known as ‘malevolent mother syndrome’ or ‘implacable hostility’ in custody disputes, with chilling outcomes for children.

Tories U-Turn on Domestic Abuse

The Bill was truly taking shape to be a giant leap forward for victims. Until it arrived in the House of Commons on 15th April 2021, and everything good in the Bill, was callously rejected.

Punished for Protecting

Survivor Families are met with hostility in the Family Court for raising safeguarding concerns surrounding Domestic Abuse.

Domestic Abuse is poorly understood, ignored or minimised in the Family Court with catastrophic outcomes for Survivor Families.

#thecourtsaid Protest 2019, Parliament Square, London

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