The Campaign for Survivor Family Justice

#thecourtsaid challenges how abuse is treated in family court. Many thousands of families all over the world are subject to unsafe court orders, or even have their children unlawfully removed, because they experienced abuse.

Domestic abuse does not come without risks. In the UK, 5 women a week lose their lives as a result of domestic abuse. 3 of those women each week take their own lives, and 2 each week are murdered. Around the world, the statistics are equally awful, in some cases worse. Child homicides as a result of unsafe family court decisions are all too frequent.

The riskiest time for a family is when they leave.

The family court do not take into account the ongoing risk of co-parenting with an abuser. The court will often say that the cure happened with your separation. We know this is not the case; abuse often continues long after separation. We call this ‘post-separation abuse’.

62% of domestic abusers (SafeLives UK) directly harm their own children. However, in the family court, abuse is ignored or minimised. Perpetrators of abuse routinely succeed in abusing the family for years on end, through the family court & child arrangements. Children are subject to unsafe contact orders, and protective parents are punished for raising evidenced, safeguarding concerns.

#thecourtsaid campaigns globally for survivor families in family court to enjoy safer futures, without abuse.

Natalie Page


Natalie founded #thecourtsaid and is also director of Survivor Family Network.


The campaign for survivor family justice

#thecourtsaid is a collective of campaigning individuals working towards court reform in their respective countries. It is also a global network of activists, individuals, organizations, experts and allies.

#thecourtsaid is committed to changing the landscape for survivor families everywhere.

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